June 15, 2016

THANK YOU! We achieved 50% of our fundraising goal because of your incredible support via indiegogo, private donations and the CU Boulder Theatre and Dance Department’s bucket fundraiser! With $2500 we can take Maps to Nowhere to Australia this Sunday!

Additionally: We have been awarded $500 through the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities Student Challenge Grant. Thank you A2RU!

April 1, 2016

Our IndieGoGo campaign has finally launched! Maps to Nowhere is going to Australia this June and we need your help to attend this incredible opportunity at the Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference Resilience: Revive, Restore, Reconnect. You can Join the conversation and support our journey by donating funds or help spread the word! Help us get this important work shedding light on realities of PTSD to the international stage. Check out our Campaign Here!

March 1, 2016

We are getting geared up to present our work Maps To Nowhere in Boulder this upcoming May and in Australia in June! Stay tuned for news – we sure are excited!

Meanwhile, we are happy to announce that our very own Niki Tulk got one play accepted to the CU New Play Festival 2016 and our dear Alia Goldfarb starred in a dance film that was just accepted to the ACDA Screen Dance Festival 2016. Check out the film here.

And last but not least – Did you know Niki also presented her beautiful work Ophelia|Leaves at the NC Ruby Slipper Festival?



December 9, 2015

Poster Presentation Front Range Neuroscience Group, Society for Neuroscience Colorado Chapter, Fort Collins, CO.

Oliver Sacks’ The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat – Using Performance to Stage Neurology.


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*=all authors contributed equally